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On this page you can find links to videos on my YouTube channel. These videos include virtual visits to my garden, demonstrations for various growing activities and video from my walks.

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Simple Growing Projects for Tired Gardeners

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Rescue Supermarket Basil
Gardening can be as easy and low-energy as sitting at a table and planting up a pot for your windowsill. Try potting on plants from a supermarket living basil to have fun learning a new skill that will keep your in fresh basil for months.
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Grow Beansprouts
Bean sprouts are the quickest, easiest ways to grow your own food. You don't need a garden or even a windowsill and compost, just some edible seeds and an old jar.
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Dry Your Own Herbs
Learn how to dry your own herbs for a cupboard full of flavour to last throughout the year.
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Sow a Windowsill Salad
Learn how to grow your own windowsill salads and you'll always be able to access the freshest possible greens, even if you don't have a garden.
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Grow a Sourdough Starter
Learn how to grow your own sourdough starter from scratch.

Visit My Garden Virtually

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Visit my Garden in April
Apple blossom and birds nesting, bees, cats and dandelions: the garden is full of life and, a little at a time, I'm beginning to tackle the more urgent jobs.
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Visit my Garden in March
Spring has sprung and the garden is full of life and colour.
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Visit my Snowy February Garden
Let me show you around my February garden. I hadn't been able to get out for a while and was getting cabin fever, so when I woke to blue skies I just had to get out. The snow had covered all the mess and jobs that needed doing and everything looked magical. It was such a lift to the spirits.
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Visit my Windowsill Gardens in December
When it's winter, or if you don't have space or energy for growing outside, there is always the wonderful world of houseplants to keep you growing.

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Visit my Garden in December
Let me show you around my garden in early December. The combination of a wet dark November and my ongoing recovery from a chest infection in July has prevented me from getting out much, but December has brought sunshine and flowers to lift my spirits!
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Visit my Garden in October
Let me show you around my garden as it is after 3 months with very little attention from an ailing gardener. Autumn is always a time for clearing up a bit and it's not as I'd like it but there are always small delights to draw the attention and lift the soul.
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Visit my Garden in August
Let me show you around my garden at the height of the fruit and veg season.
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Visit my Garden in June
Let me show you around my garden as the roses come into their first glory.
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Visit my Garden in May
Settle down with a cup of tea and let me show you around my garden, warts and all. It has been a source of joy, fun, relaxation and healing as well as of frustration and sadness during my recovery from fibromyalgia.

Virtual Walks

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A Walk in the Bluebell Wood
Share the sounds and sights of a beautiful bluebell wood in April.
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A June Walk
Join me on my favourite walk through the fields to our local woods. On a rainy day there's rarely anyone else around and I can lose myself in the bird-song, the patter of raindrops and the sigh of the wind through grass.
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Into the Woods
A brief visit to my local woodland in October. Time for a breath and some tranquility.
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Swans and Horses: A Walk by the Canal in June
Watch a family of cygnets follow mum back to the nest and a young foal browsing with its family by the canal on a lush, green, June evening.

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