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Welcome to my virtual library of books that I have found inspiring or helpful.

I have many more to share with you as we go on, but here are some offering practical ideas for simple growing projects to get started with …

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Holly Farrell,
RHS Plants from Pips: pots of plants for the whole family to enjoy
ISBN-10: 1784720445

Have you ever wondered what sort of plant your fruit salad came from? Why not find out instead of throwing the pips away? This little book is perfect for people who have no experience at all of growing and who have little energy for more than planting a seed in a pot. Reading it is a joy in itself, with its gorgeous feel and layout and the simple way in which the projects are laid out. The author takes you through the absolute basics of what a seed is and how it grows, what it needs and how to look after it. There are clear instructions, lots of interesting details and all you need is a pot, some compost and a watering can.

Some of the plants described will stay small enough to keep inside (e.g. chillies) or to pot on into a bigger container outside (e.g. tomatoes, apples, blueberries). Others are much bigger and too tender to live outside, so will either need some pruning and a conservatory (lemons, oranges), or to be treated as a novelty for a season, to be disposed of once they outgrow your space (papaya).


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James Wong,
James Wong's Homegrown Revolution
ISBN-10: 0297867121

This is another book to savour, which will leave you itching to ‘have a grow’. His enthusiasm is infectious and I particularly love the way in which he blows away the boundaries between growing edibles and ornamentals, offering suggestions and advice for growing delicious and beautiful things you’ve never thought possible.

Growing a tomato in a pot is fun, but not anything that most people will think is particularly impressive. Tell your friends and family that you grow your own turmeric or lemongrass and they will assume you to be a horticultural genius. There are ideas here for everyone from the complete novice growing in a pot to more experienced gardeners.


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