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  • Tea-tree and rosemary before the snow.
  • Tea-tree fronds. Resurrected!
  • Rosebay on a rainy day.

Get Outside!

'You can be miserable anywhere, so GET OUTSIDE!' I took some good advice from a friend on a miserable day and my garden took care of the rest.  

Mindfulness and the Call of the Wild

When my head is full of cobwebs my garden calls, and as I immerse myself in the wonder of nature, my head miraculously clears and the world is wonderful again.

A Miniature Expedition

When the outside world is too big to face and you don't have the energy to re-connect with nature outside, a cheap microscope opens whole new avenues of connection and beauty to lift the soul.

A Single Rose can be my Garden

When dark wet days and miserable headlines engulf you in worries about the future, nature has a knack of catching your attention and providing some perspective.

  • An October tow path walk
  • Hedgerow bounty: sloes, haws, rosehips, blackberries
  • Sloes

A Sloe Walk Down Memory Lane

A canal-side walk on a sunny October day brings me close to my Nan and childhood fantasies around her illicit brewing habits.

  • A frosted leaf.
  • A frosted verge.
  • Winter in our local country park with mallards and a cygnet.

Light in the Darkness

It's hard to keep positive in November, but there are small joys to be found in the dreariest of months.

  • Hawthorn berries and ivy flowers.
  • Happy ducks in a down-pour.
  • Escaped ducks in a waterlogged field.

Hope is Something to Work at

Living with fibromyalgia, ME or chronic fatigue can drag you down.  Nature can be a real tonic when finding and sustaining hope feels like an uphill battle.

  • Jacaranda puddles in Pretoria.
  • Rain on a Solomon's Seal leaf.
  • Rainy fennel fronds.

Rain, Rain, Rain

Rainy days needn't be gloomy days. Look for the positives and the joy in every day instead of waiting for the 'good days'.

  • Tenniel's illustration for Alice Through the Looking Glass.
  • My Secret Garden.  Rose 'Gertrude Jekyll' and peony 'Shirley Temple'.
  • Rose 'Jude the Obscure'.

My Secret Garden

Sowing a seed or planting a flower is an act of hope and anticipation,  an act that is satisfying in the moment and can then then bring joy for years to come.

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