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Into the Woods

The recovery ‘journey’ may be a cliché, but there are few better ways of understanding the ups and downs, the twists and turns, involved in finding one’s way back to full health. The journey is a hard one, but sometimes the most difficult part is not looking too far ahead, learning to focus on the path under your feet and to find companions to share the highs and lows along the way.

Time to Walk

A weekly walk in the woods brings a welcome respite, perspective and calm in a crazy world.

  • Herrenhäuser Allee
  • Image courtesy of Wikicommons at,_Germany_-_Herrenhausen_G%C3%A4rten_-_panoramio_-_MARELBU.jpg

A Healing Garden

My personal experience of the powerful pain-relieving powers of a beautiful space made sense once I understood the mechanics of chronic pain.

  • A frosted leaf.
  • A frosted verge.
  • Winter in our local country park with mallards and a cygnet.

Light in the Darkness

It's hard to keep positive in November, but there are small joys to be found in the dreariest of months.

  • A fluffed up sparrow.  Image courtesy of Unsplash through Rapidweaver.
  • A house sparrow, courtesy of Unsplash through Rapidweaver.
  • Winter sparrows, courtesy of Unsplash through Rapidweaver.

Fighting the To Do List

Sometimes it’s important to rest, even when the blue skies and crisp, clear mornings of late October are calling to you.  Be guided by what your body and mind need, not by the weather or the tyranny of the ‘to do list’.

  • Buckler-leaved sorrel.
  • Transplanted supermarket 'living salad'.
  • Sorrel Schavel (from Garden Organic's Heritage Seed Library), parsley and red-veined sorrel.  All planted in my daughter's old converted sand pit.

Salad Leaves

A tasty green salad every day is possible, without filling your fridge with bags of wilted supermarket leaves.

  • Hawthorn berries and ivy flowers.
  • Happy ducks in a down-pour.
  • Escaped ducks in a waterlogged field.

Hope is Something to Work at

Living with fibromyalgia, ME or chronic fatigue can drag you down.  Nature can be a real tonic when finding and sustaining hope feels like an uphill battle.

  • Watercress salad with home-grown globe-artichoke and carrots.
  • Red, purple and yellow tomatoes of all shapes and sizes with home-grown basil.
  • Different coloured lettuces transplanted into containers from a single, supermarket 'living salad' pot.

Growing and Eating a Rainbow

Eating well should never be a chore.  Growing your own food can transform a dull 5 a day meal into a delicious as well as a nutritious and satisfying experience.

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