You can transform an unappetising handful of dried beans or seeds into a jar full of crunchy, nutritious sprouts in a matter of days. They are a great addition to a salad or can be added to stir fries and many other dishes.  

Each type of seed produces sprouts with a different flavour and it’s fun to experiment and find your favourites.  I love sprouted chickpeas, which taste like fresh green peas and have a lovely crisp texture.  

Not only are sprouts tasty, but the process of germination releases valuable vitamins, minerals, and proteins.  Click here for more information on research into this process.

Sprouting your own beans or seeds is also a fascinating process and a good way to learn what happens to the seeds in your garden or pots, once you plant them.  You can watch through the glass as hard, dry seeds soak up water, swell and burst out of their outer jackets (the tunica in botanical terms).  See the first tiny, white roots emerge and, if you leave them long enough, the first baby leaves pop out.  Taste-wise, it’s best to eat them before this stage though.